FOREO Warranty Step-by-Step Guide

FOREO Warranty Step-by-Step Guide:

Thank you for purchasing a FOREO device with With your FOREO purchase, you will receive a 2 year warranty from your date of purchase.

To register your warranty, find your warranty number on the FOREO Authenticity Card provided. Then visits to activate your Limited 2-Year Warranty.

How to register:

  1. Click “log-in” at the top of the website
  2. You can then register your account with us or log into your existing account

Please do not use any special characters or spaces in your username or warranty number

  1. Click the “REGISTER WARRANTY ON MY FOREO PRODUCT) at the bottom of the page
  2. Make sure that you have chosen the right product name, and all fields have been filled in.
  3. You can then scroll below where you are registering the product as it may have already been registered. If in the: “YOUR REGISTERED PRODUCTS” you see the product information at the bottom, it means you have already registered the product successfully.
  4. You can also try to use Mozilla Firefox as our website tends to work best with this internet browser.
  5. Please register the FOREO via PC instead of iPhone or iPad.

Please contact our customer services team if you are having any issues through the message centre on your account. 


FOREO 注册保修流程:

非常感谢您在 lookfantastic官方网站购买FOREO的产品,从您购买日期算起,您可以享受2年的质量保证。 随商品发货的还有FOREO真品证明卡,请您使用这个卡号,登陆 来注册激活您的2年质保。

如何 注册:

1. 点击网址顶部的注册按钮:
2. 您可以选择注册账户或者登陆您现有的账户。
3. 点击页面下方的“为FOREO注册 产品(已购买产品)注册质保”。
4. 请确认选择的产品名称是否正确,并填好所有必填项。
5. 然后请向下滑动页面,查看正在注册的产品是否注册成功。 注册如果在底部“您已经注册的产品”中看到产品信息,则产品注册成功。
6. 为使网站运行流畅,请使用“火狐”浏览器。
7. 请尽可能在电脑上注册您的FOREO账户。



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